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Roman Bodnarchuk

N5R Inc.

Roman Bodnarchuk is Chairman and CEO of, Inc., the world’s leading Real Estate project sales and marketing firm, based in Toronto, Canada, with active projects on four continents. He is married with three children.


Over the last 15 years, Roman has overseen the selling of over $5 Billion of real estate around the world.’s blue chip clients include the largest and most successful real estate developers in Australia, China, Malaysia, India, Europe, Canada, US, Mexico, and the Caribbean. In that time, Roman has also worked with such global brands as Trump, Four Season’s, Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, and Wyndam.


As the founder of, Roman has personally guided, managed, and sold out over 150 large condo/apartment projects in over 30 cities in 15 countries.


One of Roman’s many claims to fame includes setting the world record for the fastest condo/apartment sell-outs ever. This record was set in Phoenix, Arizona, where Roman sold 367 condo units worth $90 million USD in less than 90 minutes!


In fact, Roman is noted as the architect of well over a dozen massive 1-day complete project sell-outs from France to Hawaii. Roman is a keynote speaker on real estate, an author of several bestselling sales and marketing books, and a TV producer. He is proudest of his newest innovation: an online university called Condo Mastery where he can educate sales and marketing people on a global scale.


Currently, Roman is working on some of the largest real estate projects in the world—"Smart Cities" in India—and continues to spend 200 days a year working with his clients spanning across 4 continents.

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