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Matthew Lee

As the Founder & Managing Partner of Volition Properties, Matthew Lee is an innovative Real Estate Entrepreneur, Investor-Focused Realtor, and Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA).


His mission is to deliver financial literacy, investment education, and concrete analytic tools to arm new and seasoned investors for sustainable success in Toronto’s competitive market.


Through Volition, a Toronto-based boutique Real Estate Advisory & Realty firm that provides advisory and turnkey real estate investment services, Matt has helped clients build over $100MM+ of wealth and generate over $10MM+ of cashflow by investing in Toronto real estate using an investment model predicated on risk-mitigation, scalability, and resiliency.


A thought leader and sought-after expert speaker, Matt is passionate about the transformative change that real estate investing can bring.  He developed the Volition real estate investment business model specifically for the Toronto market, based not on media articles & click-bait headlines, but well-substantiated data, statistics, and economic fundamentals.

He also runs "Toronto Real Estate Mastermind" – the largest Real Estate Meetup Group in Toronto and second largest in Canada – where he teaches real estate investing to over 4000 aspiring members. 


Matt’s imperative is to help others create a “Life by Design, Not By Default” by coaching them as they define their own visions and offering them services and support in their pursuits.


Book a complimentary 30-min Advisory Consultation with Matt here.

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