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Mark Morris

Mark Morris is a Real Estate Lawyer in Ontario with over 20 of practical experience who has assisted thousands of individuals with their real estate purchases.


Mark presently runs Professional Corporation, a legal practice concentrating solely on real estate conveyance.

Mark is the administrator of the Ontario Real Estate Legal Discussion Group (Facebook) and is a regular resource for Real Estate Brokers and Lawyers in his industry. For many years, Mark was a regular instructor at the Ontario Real Estate College and taught Real Estate at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law in Toronto.


Previously, Mark started up and co-owned Axess Law, one of Ontario’s premier Consumer Law Firms located in Walmart and Loblaw stores throughout the Province.

Mark has won many of law’s top awards including, L’Expert’s Rising Star Award, Canadian Lawyer’s Most Influential Lawyer Award and the Financial Times’ Maverick and Mover Award.


In addition, the previous firms that he co-founded and built have won the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Award and the Canadian Business’s Startup 50 Award.

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