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Harry Stinson

Harry Stinson is a well-known entrepreneur and innovator.

Stinson first business was launched in 1967 as a catering company that handled private dinners and banquets in Toronto, as well as a seasonal (summertime) café in Muskoka.


In 1971, he created The Groaning Board Restaurant, Toronto´s first ‘healthy-food’ and non-smoking restaurant, which was successfully operated by the Stinson family for over 25 years, an unusual lifespan in the restaurant business.

The company expanded from a small restaurant into several major supper clubs, offering an eclectic program of live entertainment (including major artists in folk, rock, blues, jazz and comedy). Stinson also developed a unique and very long-running feature at the restaurants known as “The World’s Best Commercials” (diners could view reels of prize-winning international ads). The Canadian rights to these films were owned by Adfilms Ltd., another Stinson family company (which has since relocated to Hamilton).

Stinson also owned and operated a 500-seat, art-deco revue cinema, at which Stinson periodically produced live concerts.


Through his involvement in entertainment, Stinson also became involved in co-producing and/or catering major concerts and live music festivals, including such diverse artists as Dire Straits, Harry Chapin, The Kingston Trio, Mort Sahl, Buddy Rich, Maynard Ferguson, Stan Rogers, The Nylons, Howie Mandel, George Thorogood, Mendelson Joe, Bard, and many others.


Another Stinson creation was the Mad Hatter´s Tea Party, a restaurant specializing entirely in children´s birthday parties. During the 1970’s the Mad Hatter also operated a 200-seat, fully-equipped auditorium, producing its own family-oriented live theatre offerings. The business remains popular after 30 years in operation, although Stinson sold his interest in 1990.

Stinson collects antique cars which he uses in his business interests.

He is a frequent headline speaker at business conferences, including appearing onstage – and holding his own - with such ‘interesting’ personalities as Donald Trump. Stinson personally hosted a late-night infomercial for ten years.

Stinson was one of the first Toronto developers to recognize the potential for urban condominiums, to develop residential lofts, to convert old office and warehouse buildings and to utilize computer animation and television infomercials in the sale of real estate.


Stinson founded and operated Harry Stinson Real Estate, which he built throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s to become Toronto’s leading condominium resale brokerage. Although independent, Stinson’s brokerage eventually held the largest residential market share in the central downtown core of any individual or franchise brokerage office.


In 1998 he sold the company to Jamie Johnston (founder of Family Realty) and the brokerage is now known as RE/MAX Condos Plus.

Over the years, Stinson became increasingly involved in condominium development, acting as a principal, joint venture partner and/or consultant in a wide range of projects, the common thread being that each project was comparatively unique and/or posed unusual challenges of design, marketing or construction.


Although not a high volume developer (relative to such Canadian condo builders as Tridel, who have actually hired Stinson for advice**), Stinson enjoys a high public profile and widespread industry respect for his visionary market instincts and ability to carry out difficult and unconventional projects. Other developers and marketers frequently consult with or engage Stinson to resolve problematic development situations.

Lena Guirguis

Lena Guirguis is an innovative power house who specializes in connecting people with their final destination. She is a Wealth and Asset Management Advisor, Real Estate Investor, and author. Lena is a partner at New Venture Management, a full service Real Estate Consulting firm, and co-founder of NV Property Management, a boutique-style firm offering its clients unique asset management solutions across Eastern Ontario, Hamilton, and the GTA.

A Toronto native, Lena began her real estate journey in 2003 at the age of 21 with the purchase of a mismanaged triplex in Eastern Ontario to buy, fix and hold. By the age of 25, she had acquired a multi-million dollar portfolio and was running one of Ottawa’s premier asset management firms. Through her experience, Lena is proving to be a leading authority on Real Estate Investing and Asset Management. She is a regular contributor to Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, has made guest appearances on several Television Programs like; Your Money and Real Estate with Mark Vosylius, The Everyday Investor with Rav Toor, Kapilaris Talk TV, as well as the Nikki Clarke show, and has spoken on stage at the Property Show alongside Scott McGillvary, Amanda Lang, and Don Campbell.

In 2013, Lena recognized a major gap in the support and Financial Education provided to women both in the Real Estate world as well as the Wealth management world, and she decided something needed to be done! With that, Lena founded Stilettos & Hammers™, an investment network focused on educating women and providing them with resources needed to help them take control of their finances and, assist them in selecting the correct investment strategies to meet their short and long term goals. Her goal is to not only help women achieve financial stability, but help them educate their families and their children so that the wealth will be managed and preserved long term.

While buy, fix and hold of multi-family properties will always be Lena’s preferred investment strategy, she believes that Investing is not a one size fits all game, and that strategies need to change as one grows through life. This view has led her to expand her focus not just to alternative strategies like land severances, Rent-to-Owns, as well as development, but she is also actively investing in short term flips in select US markets, and this viewpoint has allowed her to guide her clients to plan for long term financial success, with minimal stress and maximized results.

Richard Dolan

Richard Dolan is the President of the REIN Group of Companies and CEO of The London Academy of Entrepreneurship featuring Dragons' Den Education.

He is an advisor to professional athletes, corporate leaders,  entrepreneurs and investors on personal excellence. 


Richard is the author of Performance Pyschology and Wealth Management books and programs, and taught at the Schulich School of Business Executive Development Center at York University in subjects such as Marketing, Sales and Wealth Management. 

Richard possess two NBA Championship rings gifted by Juwan Howard for seasons 2012, 2013 and his contribution as a friend and advisor. 


Richard is the official host for global thought leaders when they tour across Canada. Leaders, icons and legends such as Presidents William Jefferson Clinton, George W Bush, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey to name a few. 


An author, speaker and celebrated business leader here in Vaughan Richard works globally with brands such as Chanel, Bentley, Porsche, Sothebys's and Google. 


With nearly a million people following him on social media, what matters most to him is his wife of 20 years and son Mateo. 

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