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Kevin Breitner

Re/Max Garden City Realty Inc.

Do you have a pension? Are you a 100% sure that it will be enough for you to live the way you want once you retire?


I don't have a get rich quick idea, but I can promise you that if you build a portfolio of Real Estate Investments, that you will be able to live the good life one day.  It's all about starting small, or with whatever you have to invest and build for your future.  


We can find a strategy that will work for you, there are many ways to invest and make money in Real Estate, which one works for you? Are you scared to Invest? Have you heard horror stories about being a Landlord?


With the right team supporting you and helping with anything that arises, you can be confident in every decision you make.  Houses have risen in price consistently over time and will continue to do so.  You tell me a better thing to Invest in, do you know something that will increase in value over time, survive a market crash and the whole time get someone else to pay for your investment? I don't.  I know I am biased, but Real Estate is the BEST investment in the world and I am here to help you.  Let's find a strategy that works for you and get you on the way to living the good life.

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