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Ken Bekendam

Ken Bekendam is a young, millennial investor who started real estate investing in 2010. He is actively involved in various forms of conversion projects from simple duplex conversions to larger adaptive reuse projects such as church conversions and commercial to residential conversions, as well as land development, where he is currently planning a 66-unit stacked townhouse project in the Brantford area.


As a full-time investor and entrepreneur, Ken's primary responsibility is to consult and advise his clients on finding the highest and best use for their projects. Through his company, King Homes Inc and, he has helped hundreds of other investors with their portfolios through rental property renovations and multifamily conversions.


On average, his firm completes 150 conversion projects a year. Ken also owns a land development company called King Homes Development Inc and is a Co-Founder of a renovation company called Wyse Construction Group. Recently, he Co-founded an in-house property management company called BlackBox Property Management to service both his personal portfolio and his clients.


Ken is in the trenches daily working on and managing all types of conversion projects. When not working on real estate stuff, Ken is a solo parent, raising his busy 7-year-old son Kingston after losing his wife to CF (Cystic Fibrosis) in Oct 2019. They live on a 10-acre hobby farm just outside of Ancaster and have 13 alpacas, 1 horse, 2 mini ponies, 7 goats, 7 pot belly pigs, 1 sheep, 2 peacocks, and 2 Bernedoodle dogs.

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