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Derek Lobo

Derek Lobo is called the 'Apartment Guru' because of his decades of speaking, writing,
consulting, brokerage transactions, relationships, amortized knowledge, and industry wisdom. He
is one of the most connected individuals in the apartment industry, living by his personal motto:
always stay in traffic!

As a student of new apartment construction, student housing, and affordable housing, Derek has
established a sterling reputation and industry credibility as an expert advisor in these fields. To
date, he has authored eighteen books and is the visionary behind the Apartment University
online learning portal and The Self Funding House™.

Firmly established as a thought leader, Derek’s unwavering mission is to impact one of the
world’s greatest challenges — the lack of rental housing. His Apartment Development FULL
Service Experience™ brokerage firm continues to serve landowners, financiers, developers, and
apartment building owners.

Now in his fifth decade of business, Derek continues to be an 'Apartment Collaborator' by
bringing together like-minded, talented individuals to solve business challenges and create
opportunities. His keen insight and strategies have allowed him to broker some of the nation’s
largest and most complex real estate transactions.


He is currently the Broker of Record and CEO of SVN Rock Advisors Inc., Brokerage.

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