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Anthony Lolli

Rapid Realty

Anthony Lolli is a real estate mogul, entrepreneur, investor, developer, public speaker, best-selling author, and philanthropist. He is the CEO of Rapid Realty, named one of the fastest-growing companies in America by INC. Magazine, and positioned to become the nation’s premiere rental brokerage franchise, with over 70 locations opened today. Anthony started out in the real estate industry at just 19 years old, as a real estate salesperson. He never looked back, making his first million dollars at just 23 years old.

As his company grew, so did Anthony’s portfolio of investment properties, now including commercial, mixed-use, and residential properties in prime areas in New York City, New Jersey, and Ecuador, and worth well over 70 million dollars.


His reputation for creative, fair, and effective negotiation made him a sought- after consultant, and in-demand public speaker. In 2013, Anthony received the Silver Stevie in the Real Estate Executive of the Year category of the International Business Awards, and became the first real estate professional to win top prize in the Entrepreneur of the Year category of the Golden Bridge Awards. Anthony regularly speaks at entrepreneurial conferences, business schools, colleges (including NYU and Columbia), high schools, and elementary schools. Giving back to the community is a central focus of his company, and he works with over 70 charitable organizations, also receiving notable recognition for empowering military veterans, women, immigrants, and minorities to become business owners.


In 2017, Anthony’s first book, The Heart of the Deal, was published by Diversion Books– becoming a bestseller its very first day in stores. A compelling and often funny page-turner of a memoir, the book also serves as a practical guide to growing a successful career in real estate, without compromising one’s integrity.

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