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Peter Mazzuchin

Actus Real Estate Investors Club

Peter Mazzuchin, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Investor, Founder and CEO of Actus Real Estate Investors Club,,Vision is to educate and empower Investors to get out of financial stress and step up to Financial Freedom. 


Mr. Mazzuchin founded the Actus Real Estate Investors Club on the core principle of ‘Spiritual Real Estate Investing, where Everyone Wins’.  Investing in Real Estate for over 25 years, Mr. Mazzuchin discovered that as long as everyone is treated with the utmost Respect, along with effective systems and accountability in place, then everyone can benefit. He has also helped investors re-direct a slice of their otherwise unproductive income tax dollars into Tax Advantaged Real Estate in Canada and the United States.


Peter has read and absorbed numerous Real Estate Investing books, cd’s/dvd’s, taken numerous courses, seminars and webinars.  He also has developed and teaches Real Estate Investing courses because he aims at leaving a positive legacy, which can be expanded exponentially. Peter continues to be a member in numerous Real Estate Investing Clubs because he knows the value of education is empowering with the right coaches, mentoring and networking.


Peter ventured from a successful banking career into Real Estate Education, Sales and Marketing since 1992. He then began working with a developer whose primary focus was in Multi-Family acquisition, rehabilitation, and sales. Therefore, Peter has a deep understanding of the Multi-Family arena and what it takes to acquire, reposition, and implement effective systems to lower expenses and increase revenues. This increases the total value of the project disproportionately due to the multiplier effect and corresponding capitalization rates.


He’s owned his profitable Independent Real Estate Brokerage, Preferred Choice Realty Inc. with similar mindset. Peter is also a Real Estate Broker. To further leverage transferring ideas to pass on a positive legacy, Peter was able to partner with other successful Entrepreneurs and co-authored the International Best Selling Book, ‘Achieve’. Profoundly Spiritual, Peter considers it a blessing to Inspire it Forward by Helping People achieve financial freedom, which leads to Lifestyle Freedom.


Peter shares in the mission by providing clean, safe and affordable housing, which transforms communities. This tangible and intangible value add will always be in demand and is something that we need to continue to build upon. It is the journey not the destination that will create the momentum to create the type of world where people truly engage with each other in protecting, promoting and fostering the development of entire communities. We are cognizant of the inherent problems that many people perceive in this arena, yet we view them as challenges that are ripe for redevelopment. 

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