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Alison Harrington McCabe

Real Estate Investor, Author, Speaker, Co-founder of Red Maple Wealth and Co-creator of the Wealth Builder Roadmap Program.

Alison empowers investors to invest with confidence to build their real estate portfolio. Her goal is to help investors develop a Wealth Builder Mindset, grow their real estate business and ultimately live their vacation lifestyle.

In partnership with her husband Bruce, Alison became a real estate investor in 2009 and they currently own several investment properties with an average return of 24% annually.  Alison specializes in Premium Design and Décor for their townhomes, Condos and Secondary Suite Properties.

After building their ideal portfolio, which met their Personal Life Vision of living a vacation lifestyle, they were inspired to share their knowledge, skills, and lessons learned with others.

Together they created The Wealth Builder Roadmap Program - a 20-year wealth building plan for investors that incorporates their Ideal Real Estate Portfolio. The program’s methodology is designed to take real estate investors to the next level; transforming their mindset and business to enable them to achieve their Personal Life Vision as a Real Estate Investment Entrepreneur with a Vacation Lifestyle.

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