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Natascha Pieper

As the VP of Sales and Marketing at Collecdev, Natascha Pieper strives to be innovative in the development of strategic sales and marketing campaigns in an ever-growing marketplace, and is driven by a passion for delivering results and leading high performance teams. Known as an individual with a strong focus on creating impactful marketing campaigns, she is able to present and synthesize complex material into cogent marketing messages for diverse target audiences. Natascha is proficient at observing and reverse-engineering the latest algorithms to optimize search engine performance. 

Recognized internationally as a dynamic Sales and Marketing Professional, Natascha has a proven track record of successfully launching multi-residential developments across the GTA. Most recently, Natascha was nominated by BILD as "Best Marketing Professional," National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). By extension, her teams have achieved numerous awards regionally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. 

Natascha has an ability to plan and design communities that resonate in the marketplace by translating community needs into innovative building design. By continuously seeking to understand the needs of the buyer, she responds by delivering a marketing campaign that speaks to their needs and communicates a Collecdev vision.

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