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Bruce McCabe

Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Co-founder of Red Maple Wealth, Co-creator of the Wealth Builder Roadmap Program and Computer Industry Pioneer.

Bruce empowers investors to invest with confidence to build their real estate portfolio. His goal is to help investors develop a Wealth Builder Mindset, grow their real estate business and ultimately live their vacation lifestyle.

In partnership with his wife Alison, Bruce became a real estate investor in 2009 while working at Microsoft Canada as a Microsoft Technology Strategist. Alison and Bruce currently have an Investment Portfolio which focuses on Premium Design with an average return of 24% annually.  This portfolio combined with their other investments has allowed them to achieve their Personal Life Vision Goals.

Bruce's expertise includes hands-on experience in all areas of Secondary Suite Design, new construction, renovation, project management and budgeting.

Bruce has 37 years of Technology Sales, Management and Business Development experience working with technology companies. During his career he built several multi-million-dollar businesses within these companies. In his last career role at Microsoft Canada, before transitioning to his Real Estate Business, Bruce worked with Hospital's across Ontario to build their 5 Year Microsoft Technology business plans and budgets.

Bruce's unique combination of experience in real estate, design, construction, business development, and technology empowered Bruce to develop the Wealth Builder Tool Suite. Bruce designed the Tool Suite for his real estate business to quickly evaluate new properties for investment, compare new properties to established benchmarks, develop budgetary estimates for new secondary suite projects, and develop a 20 Year Roadmap to Wealth. The Wealth Builder Tool Suite allowed Bruce & Alison to grow and manage their business while achieving a Vacation Lifestyle.

After using Wealth Builder Tool Suite in their business, they decided to take their business to the next level and they launched The Wealth Builder Roadmap Program, the program incorporates the Wealth Builder Tool Suite, their real estate business best practices, their methodology, and Personalized Business Development into comprehensive program for Investors. The program is designed to take real estate investors to the next level; transforming their mindset and business to enable them to achieve their Personal Life Vision as a Real Estate Investment Entrepreneur with a Vacation Lifestyle.

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