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Alex Zoltan Szinegh

WRA USA Consultant

Alex Zoltan Szinegh Is a full time Realtor for the last 33 years and is Licensed in the state Florida. He is the Regional Owner for Florida and New York. Lives and works in Tampa with his family and also owns several vacation properties in Costa Rica.


Alex is also the Founder and CEO of Superstar Performance Inc. training, teaching and coaching company for sales professionals and business owners with the motto “We are committed to your Growth”. Alex is a “rags to riches” success story. With only a grade 10 education (acquired his grade 12 and some college after 40  years), this Hungarian immigrant has overcome a multitude of obstacles. He is now a Best Selling Author, “Speaking of Success” with Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, Stephen R Covey, “Hey…are you talkin’ to me” with Dr. Rohm, “Everything is subject to change” with Greg S. Reid. Alex is a Certified Personality Behavior Consultant. Alex is a Trainer, International Real Estate Developer, Entrepreneur and a Performance Coach.  During his long career in the Business World, Alex has opened, owned and operated many successful businesses. As a realtor Alex has SOLD over 3500 properties, owned and operated Several Real Estate Brokerages, Regional State franchises, and was a high level Corporate Executive, (SR Regional VP for North America for Exit Realty for 15 years).  Alex is the creator of IMLimitless, an online training system. Over the last 15 years he has been instrumental in helping to build one of the Real Estate Franchise Brands , taking it from 2 offices to over 1250 with agent count over 36,000. Alex became a US Citizen after many years of living in the US and a lot of legal fees on September 11, 2015. He has the ability to inspire small and large audiences.  Alex is funny, entertaining, informative, controversial and at times “In Your Face”.  Alex’s drive, excitement and long term vision can help anyone to take their business to the next Level.

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