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Alex Sabonger

Alex Sabonger and Kembly Cruz founded Roatan Best Properties as a family-run, certified real estate office on the Caribbean island of Roatán in Honduras, Central America.


Holding the RE/MAX franchise in La Ceiba until 2011, they moved to Roatan and re-launched as Roatan Best Properties, or RBP. They now have more than 17 years of experience in the business.


Roatan Best Properties covers commercial and residential real estate and is a one-stop service agency with in-house legal, engineering, and architectural services.


RBP has unrivalled knowledge of the island and staff guide clients through the process of owning a piece of paradise boasting the second biggest worldwide barrier reef, warm weather year-round, endless opportunities for adventure, world class culinary experiences, good infrastructure, big ex-pat communities, great people, and much more.


RBP are proud members of Roatán Realtors Association, National Honduran Chamber Of Real Estate, Bay Island Tourism Bureau and the National Association Of Realtors USA.

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